Pleasure's Treasure

Pleasure's Treasure

........enhancing the expression of love between couples

Pleasure's Treasure Isn't Just For Party Gals


Welcome to the experience that can change your life. Here at Pleasure's Treasure, we take pride in providing self empowerment to people in every walk of life. Whether it be through our line of romance novelties which includes an array of edible potion, massage oils, plus sized lingerie, bedroom toys and much more. Or our home based demonstrations as well as the business opportunities we offer. We are here to truly allow everyone the ability to learn and experience real pleasure.

What is Pleasure's Treasure

Pleasure's Treasure is a home party company that desires to enhance the expression of love in our clients personal lives. We have designed our company to promote love, intimacy, and communication between couples.


Sensual Aids and Bedroom Accessories

  • Romance Books
  • Lingerie
  • Edible Creams & Oils
  • Mood Enhancers
  • Romance Novelties
  • Bath & Body


Pleasure's Treasure's home based parties enables our clients to receive exceptional product knowledge, education, as well as entertainment. For any and all occasions such as: Girls Night Out Parties, Adult Slumber Parties, Bachelorette/Bridal parties, Couples parties, Co Ed parties, and etc.

Sensual aids and bedroom accessories have been used as far back as recorded history. And while today they are more popular then ever, people still need and want to be discreet about purchasing them.

Pleasure's Treasure's romance consultants are trained to deliver an entertaining and enlightening presentation of our product line. While providing guest with key information on intimacy, romance, and sexuality in a professional manner. At Pleasure's Treasure parties, all the party gals & gents have the opportunity to touch and taste our edible products, and also see and learn how our bedroom accessories work. All while using the setting to socialize and bond with friends and loved ones. After the demonstration, each individual guest can purchase their selections in a separated, private purchasing room, assuring discretion & confidentiality, while gaining solutions to their personal situations.

Pleasure's Treasure also offers opportunities for individuals to manage and own their own business, by becoming independent romance consultants for the company. As a part of our team, you'll experience and take part in our mission: To promote love and intimacy at every level of life.





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